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Gnome Studios

The perfectly imperfect coasters.

The perfectly imperfect coasters.

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Set of four concrete and gold leaf coasters.

At Gnome Studios, we believe one of the best workshop practices we have is minimising waste. We go out of our way to reuse and recycle. These coasters are the final scrapes of each cast. Each time we hand mix a batch of concrete there are always small amounts of leftovers which we try to use right down to the tiniest teaspoon! This minimise cleaning and waste so what is not to love! These coasters are the results of many different pours and the off cuts of our cork matting. They can be a little wonky, or a little bubbly, but each one is finished by hand with our gilding scraps and make a fantastic use out of the studios ‘leftovers’. 

There are finished in a stone and marble wax and come in bundles of four. 

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